Third LEN Congress of 2022 highlights progress of strategic plan

LEN President Antonio Silva took office in February 2022, with his appointment signalling a new era for European aquatics.

Organised by a team led by Erkan Yalçın, President of the Turkish Swimming Federation and LEN Vice-President, the LEN Congress took place in excellent facilities and organisation in Antalya and the traditional warm welcome we have come to expect in Turkey.

This was the third LEN Congress of 2022, gathering the entire LEN Family to discuss, debate, and to take key decisions regarding the future of the sport.

42 of the 50 LEN national federations who had been invited to Antalya were present.

LEN President Antonio Silva said:

“I am very proud to be part of his new leadership team who all share a commitment to transform LEN and fulfil the promises made during the election campaign. With the support of the National Federations, the LEN Bureau is working in a collaborative and transparent manner.

“We now seek consensus when it comes to key decisions and can also be proud of the process itself. We better serve the sport of aquatics when we respect the principles of democracy and transparent debate.”

Congress Delegates approved the Financial report and the report of the external and internal auditors for the year 2021 with the Treasurer also presenting the Year to Date actuals for 2022 as well as a forecast for 2023.

A key part of Congress proceedings was taken up by a report of the LEN Bureau activities, including a very busy season of events.

A video summary can be found here:

Delegates were given a status report regarding progress of the LEN Strategic Action Plan since the last Congress in Cascais in May, with President Silva giving an overview of the key achievements.

With regard to the final version of the 2023 Event Calendar, Congress were informed that a final version would be approved at the next meeting of the Executive Bureau on 3 November once all hosting applications had been assessed.

Congress approved the nomination of a new honorary member, Simon Rothwell GBR. Simon served four terms as Chairman of the Masters Committee from 2004-2020.

At the conclusion of the Congress proceedings, there was an update from Michele Bernasconi, on behalf of the FINA Reform Group, regarding some important changes to FINA governance.