TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim event open for 2023 registration

Whether you are an elite or a ‘just for fun’ participant, LEN shares your passion for aquatic sports and the TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim event is a great opportunity to not only enjoy the open water form of the sport, but also sample a unique experience.

The next edition, run by the Danish Swimming Federation, takes place from 25-26 August 2023 and there are discounts for those who sign-up early.

Copenhagen is well known for its canals which wind their way through the centre of the city including around the Danish Parliament – Christiansborg.

The TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim (Individual options) start and finish at the centre of Copenhagen in front of the Danish National Library and participants have the opportunity to swim 2km through the iconic canals.

There are a host of different individual distances for both elite and recreational swimmers, ranging from 1-10km, while there is also the chance to race in a 4x500m relay should that be your preference.

How does swimming at night sound?

Copenhagen Swim by night took place for the first time on August 26th 2022. You can view an example by CLICKING HERE. The event will return in 2023!

This year almost 300 swimmers were sent along in the canals in three heats with luminescent swim buoys (containing a bright LED light) and together they lit up the canals from the surface.

The ‘Copenhagen Swim by night’ is classified as a “social swim” because there’s no racing, with swimmers encouraged to enjoy the unique experience by taking a relatively slow pace.

Lifeguards on SUP boards, in boats and on ground are present along the route to guide the swimmers and ensure their safety.

Image courtesy of Michael Vieno

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